Legal Posters

Health and safety posters have become a convenient and visually appealing way for employers to meet their legal obligations to keep their staff informed, as well as adding to the overall safety of the working environment. Due to the high demand in industry, SASM print and distribute stocks the following Labour Law posters:

  • AARTO Act
  • Abbreviated Motor Industry Bargaining Council
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Children's Act
  • Code Of Good Practice (HIV)
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Construction Regulations
  • Dismissal in a Nutshell
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Labour Relations Act
  • Liquor Act
  • Mining Health & Safety Act
  • OHS Act - Summary of the Regulation 
  • OHS Act
  • Sectotorial Determination
  • SEIFSA (Steel & Engineering Federation of SA)
  • Skills Development Act
  • South African Constitution
  •  Schedule D (Notice in regards on Machinery other than a boiler) under Regulation 9(2)
  •  Schedule C (Notice in regards on Boilers under Regulation 9(2)
  • Unemployment Ensurance Act
  • Unemployment Contributions Act



  • Municipal Code of Conduct
  • Municipal Structure Act
  • Municipal Systems Act

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 A1, laminated legal posters and in full colour, or it can be ordered individually

1. AARTO Act Poster – Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Amendments Act
This is the new traffic fine act that is presently in operation in Johannesburg and Tshwane. National rollout is expected soon and it is essential that all companies become aware of the implications. This act requires that company policies and procedures be amended to cater for the possible loss of a driver’s license and the effects it will have on business continuity. Tips are provided on the poster to assist in managing traffic fines according to AARTO standards.

2. BCEA – Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Summary)
This act deals with the terms and conditions of employment of personnel, as well as who is and who is not affected. This is a summary of the most important parts of the act. It is an essential tool in managing your business and it is a government requirement that all companies display this summary in a prominent position.

3. COID – Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Amendments Act
To provide for compensation for disablement caused by occupational injuries or diseases sustained or contracted by employees in the course of their employment, or for death resulting from such injuries or diseases; and to provide for matters connected therewith. This is a fine example of health and safety posters for the workplace.

4. CSA – Constitution of South Africa
Every company operating in South Africa should have the Constitution of South Africa displayed in a prominent position, as it is the cornerstone and fabric of our society.

5. DN – Dismissal in a Nutshell
This summary is the essence of dismissal in the workplace. Taken from the Labour Relations Act, it highlights the dos and don’ts of dismissal.

6. EEA – Employment Equity Act (Summary)
To achieve equity in the workplace by:
a) Prompting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination;
b) Implementing affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups, to ensure their equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce.

7. LL – Labour Relations Amendment Act
To advance economic development, social justice, labour peace and the democratisation of the workplace. Essential for all companies as it gives an in-depth view of all labour practices within the work environment.

8. OHS – Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act
These are health and safety law posters which are required by law to be displayed in all work environments. The act is designed to protect the health and safety of persons at work and for the health and safety of persons in connection with the use of plants and machinery; the protection of persons other than persons at work against hazards to health and safety arising out of or in connection with the activities of persons at work; to establish an advisory council for occupational health and safety, and to provide for matters connected therewith.

9. SD – Skills Development Amendment Act
To develop the skills of the South African workforce, to improve the quality of life of workers, and their prospects of
work and labour mobility. To improve productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of employers as well as to promote self-employment and improve the delivery of social services.

10. TPC – Tabacco Products Control Amendment Act
Designed to prohibit or restrict smoking in public places, regulate the sale and advertising of tobacco products in certain respects and to prescribe what is to be reflected on packages as well as to provide for matters connected therewith.

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