Getting To Know AARTO

AARTO has been introduced into South Africa to encourage motorists to be law abiding citizens. Presently road users have found a number of loopholes in the present traffic fine system and are of course using these to benefit themselves. AARTO has quite frankly eliminated all the loopholes. Traffic fines are now structured and will be handled by a central body (RTMC). AARTO has now standardised a fragmented system and that is good for road users as a whole. Of course there are those parties that will ignore AARTO by believing they can carry on handling their fines in the old manner. That is a definite no-no.

How Will AARTO Affect Me?

If I am law abiding, it will not affect you at all. If you are not AARTO threatens to take away your license, take certain vehicles off the road for roadworthy issues, and in extreme cases close down non-compliant companies.

Will Corruption Increase?

In our opinion, in the short-term – YES. However AARTO is, of course, aware of the possibility and are designing and developing systems to counteract the possibility of corrupt law officials. The best route is to understand AARTO by attending our informative seminars.

Are There Similar Systems To AARTO In Other Parts Of The World?

Yes. Whilst they are known by other names in their respective countries, they are all effective in their purpose of encouraging people to comply with the road laws of their countries. AARTO is based on the Australian model which is a tried and tested means of law enforcement.

What Can I Expect Of AARTO?

  • Do not expect AARTO to be a perfect system from day one.
  • AARTO is putting in the foundations and building the house one brick at a time. This way they will achieve the ultimate goal of a perfect system in the long run. As the saying says – “one step at a time”.
  • Grow and learn with AARTO. This is the only way anybody will be able to comply. Like a baby becoming an adult, there are many changes of clothes and adaptation in one form or another. So it is with AARTO. In our opinion it is better to change the clothes and adapt as often as required than to try and remain in them.
  • Of course we can expect a number of companies will try and remain in their baby clothes believing this will save them money.

Why Is SASM The Most Successful AARTO Awareness Company In South Africa?

SASM has an in depth knowledge on how Corporate South Africa and Companies handle traffic fines presently. After studying AARTO, SASM came to the conclusion that AARTO is significantly different to present systems and Companies would now need to make huge change to accommodate the implementation of AARTO.

Our firm resolve is to Drive Change-Protect Companies-Protect Staff Employment. Ultimately roads will be made safer for all, as well as, compliant companies will save lives of people they do not even know. We believe in educating an uninformed public-after all education is always a key to success and that is our success.

Whilst SASM teaches companies about the basics of AARTO we also provide an in-depth insight as well as guidelines into the effects that AARTO will have on the day to day running of companies, such as: HR policy amendments, codes of conduct etc.

Which Companies Have We Provided AARTO Awareness For?

Banks, finance houses, blue-chip, Transport-South Africa, municipalities, Food-South Africa, in fact most of the names you have come to know as household names, as well as countless other companies that drive the South African economy. All the top brands in South Africa have been to our seminars and continue to come. But that is why they are where they are, because they lead from the front through education. They all believe an educated employee is more valuable than an ignorant one. Education protects their brand. Socially acceptable companies take accountability for their actions by being responsible for creating AARTO awareness to all they come in contact with.

How Often Will I Have To Train My Staff?

Often. It is important that AARTO becomes a set standard in any company. This will only be achieved through constantly educating people on the effects of AARTO.

Can SASM Assist Us In Becoming AARTO Compliant?

We have a wide range of programmes, in-house and public seminars, staff awareness programmes, posters, alerts and more. SASM handles AARTO in a step by step process from the most advanced programmes required by management through providing the tools to drive change in the company, as well as we provide simple awareness programmes that constantly keep staff aware of AARTO.

Should We Use A Third Party To Monitor Our Traffic Fines?

Absolutely not. In our opinion Companies will be best served by managing their own traffic fine portfolios. This is in order to maximise protection of your most valued assets, your people. Ask yourself, who will bear the responsibility for a staff member losing their license, the third party managing your portfolio or the company? The loopholes and pitfalls involved in using a third party are many and varied, and definitely not the purported safe haven as advocated by these third parties. Keep your traffic fines in-house.

How Will I Know If It Is An AARTO Fine?

If you have to collect a registered post fine it is in all probability an AARTO fine as AARTO legislation states that all fines will be sent via registered mail.

Always Be Informed