Traffic Fine Alerts

Know Your Fines

These traffic laws alerts are designed to facilitate uncomplicated awareness information for all staff on a monthly basis. Alerts are a cost-effective solution in a complex environment. Alerts come in the form of a PowerPoint CD/DVD presentation that is printable and custom designed with your brand. The Traffic Fine Alerts CD will assist you with your Traffic Fine Awareness campaign.

There are 20 alerts covering a different aspect of Traffic Fines – each or all can be attached to payslips or used for Toolbox Talks. Follow our alerts and avoid receiving the dreaded enforcement letter. Attend our transport training and remain updated with our PowerPoint alerts to avoid receiving the enforcement order.

Always Be Aware

SASM is all about delivering successful results which are achieved through calculated methods of training and learning. Education is the key to success, so make sure your staff are educated through SASM.

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