Target Zero Traffic Fines Posters

Avoiding Fines

These posters cover the spectrum of the need to Target Zero Traffic Fines in a simple, informative and effective manner that is pleasing to the eye. They are packaged sets, laminated and designed to constantly create awareness amongst staff members. TZT is a concise set to create a new sense of awareness for repeat offenders. For those who abide by the law though, they will be rewarded by having by having more disposable income and the knowledge that they are adding to the law abiding culture of South Africa.

What occurs when you have multiple infringements? If they are related to the same incident then the demerit points will be applied to the single infringement or offence. If you are a learner and you have not yet been issued a licence, yet gain a demerit, then the demerit will only be applied once you acquire said licence. The demerit system is especially harsh against the unlicensed driver and if you are caught three times in a row you will be summarily arrested. Handy hints that supply the laws and road traffic regulations such as the ones listed above can be displayed on any number of fully customisable posters. Contact us for further information relating to the TZT posters that you require for your workspace.

Completely Cut Out Traffics Fines

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