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We can create any custom printed posters/photo/picture that you wish. Choose family memories, weddings, bar mitzvahs and so much more.

In Effect — If You Can Dream It,
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Many have asked us, how does one create an effective poster? Read below and discover what it takes to make an eye-catching wall poster. If you do not have the equipment to do it, then just leave it up to the pros.

First, you need to get your point across by focusing on a single message. This is how information is passed, by word of mouth from easy-to-digest messages. You will need to use a series of different visuals, this includes bold grammar. Your point will need to come across in a visual sense, not a textual one. When someone quickly passes by a poster it is the images that capture their attention first, then the words.

This is the lynchpin of clear visual communication: cohesion between the visuals and content. With the correct layout combined with eye-catching yet suitable font and colour and choices, your poster will speak volumes about your chosen subject matter. Avoid visual chaos and guide the user’s eye with logical design choices. All of your elements should be clearly visible from at least five feet away.

Ask yourself these questions before signing off on your poster. Do my posters work effectively; would another person walk by without even noticing my poster and does the poster fail in its attempt to evoke any sort of interest from others?

One of the chief problems with an unsuccessful poster includes the text being too small. If it cannot be read, then it is ignored, like poor graphics, and this includes those that seem to create more clutter and chaos in your design. Also, if the main objectives cannot be found with a quick glance then it is time to rethink the design of your posters. Leave the hard design choices up to us and let SASM create the perfect poster for you.

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