Safety Talks

Safety First

The accident or incident rate, occurrence of ill health and environmental damage in industry are a serious national problem. Continued training are essential to prevent accidents, incidents, ill health and environmental damage.

We Have The Solutions

SASM has developed a new exciting range of safety talks, which can play a major part in your continuing effort to create an increased awareness of:

  • Hazards present in the industry
  • Precautions which must be taken to eliminate or control them
  • Help to reduce unwanted incidents

Our safety talks were developed to discuss a number of issues relating to safety, health and environmental issues.

We Have The Following Safety Talks:

  • Toolbox talks – All health and Safety Related Talks
  • Trucker talks (cubbyhole talks) – Talks related to transport/vehicles
  • Contractor talks – Safety talks
  • Checklists – Various H and S checklists

How The Talks Work

You select the various topics you would like to order and we customise it with your company logo and put it on a CD for you (which means you can print unlimited amounts of copies).

We Talk About Everything Safety Related

SASM is all about delivering successful results which are achieved through calculated methods of training and learning. Education is the key to success, so make sure your staff are educated through SASM.

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