Our Comprehensive Range Of Services


Guest Speaker On AARTO,
Traffic, Health And Safety

SASM has dedicated guest speakers that are well versed in the rules and regulations of the AARTO system that will be coming to South Africa soon.


Health and Safety Material

SASM has compiled a multitude of highly-effective materials that are used to convey the disciplines of the health and safety regulation system.


Printing Services

SASM are your one-stop printing specialist. We can handle any printing job no matter how big or small and any requirement the client may need for the job.



SASM are industry leaders in consultations services that deal with corporate traffic policy education and training to avoid unnecessary staff restrictions.


Designer Seminars

SASM has fantastic design seminars which have been specifically developed to have a great impact on dealing with the new rules and regulations of the road.


Auditing Services

SASM has taken the initiative to create an auditing system that will specifically deal with the administration involved with the impending AARTO system.

Superior Services With SASM

SASM is all about delivering successful results which are achieved through calculated methods of training and learning. Education is the key to success, so make sure your staff are educated through SASM.

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