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With the national rollout of the AARTO act nearing, the window of opportunity for companies to become both prepared and compliant, before more penalties are applied, is rapidly diminishing. As with any major shift in government legislation, which heavily impacts day-to-day business, the advantage goes to the most prepared. It is for this reason that the experts at SASM have launched the valuable service of auditing your company in AARTO terms to ensure that both you and all of your employees are well prepared for AARTO.

With AARTO’s pilot project being functional in the Johannesburg and Tshwane areas, it is essential that local businesses take the time to familiarise themselves with, not only the new AARTO system and its intricacies, but also how to efficiently manage any new systems which they would need to implement – without losing the focus on their real business.

REMEMBER: Regardless of if your branch/company is not based in the Johannesburg and Tshwane areas, if your vehicles travel in these regions you will already be receiving AARTO fines. AARTO is a complex piece of legislation and without professional instruction, many companies will find that it significantly interferes with their efficiency and productivity.

The SASM/AARTO audit is designed to examine your business from top to bottom in terms of AARTO protocol and identify potential problem areas, as well as provide solutions before the change costs your business thousands or even millions of Rands. Some business owners are content that they are prepared simply by sternly affirming to their employees that safe driving is required, but perhaps these questions should be asked:

ALL EMPLOYEES: What would you do if you lost your job due to AARTO and no other company would employ you?

Company Representatives

Exco And Proxies: What would you do if you were prosecuted under the Criminal Procedures ACT and received a criminal record due to AARTO?

HR: What would you do if you had various AARTO CCMA cases against you?

Fleet Manager: What would you do if you lost all your company vehicles / trucks?

Risk/Sheq: What will you do if you receive a non-conformance on your audit due to AARTO non-compliance?

Sales And Marketing: What if your top performers lose their licenses due to AARTO and cannot generate sales?

Contractors: What would you do if your contactors could not service your needs as they have lost their fleet or employees due to AARTO?

Many companies are wondering if their systems and policies are adequate in managing AARTO with their direct and indirect partners. Of course, there are now so many factors to take into consideration in managing AARTO. SASM can assist by auditing your company by using the

AARTO act as a measuring tool.

Contact us today to arrange your AARTO audit with the industry leaders – SASM.

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