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SASM is expertly positioned to assist your company on a consultancy basis to provide you with guidelines on the AARTO system and amending your policies and procedures where necessary. A SASM consultant will monitor your company to ensure that you are on the right track to becoming AARTO compliant – thereby ensuring that you are not one of those companies that may suffer from AARTO penalties.

Most companies do not have a corporate traffic policy in place and with the implementation of AARTO, this will become as vital as any other policy. This also includes those procedures which may need to be amended in order to adapt to AARTO. SASM consultants are able to assist with suggestions of ways to amend your employment contracts, HR policies and vendor documents.

After spending some time getting to know the intricacies of your business, SASM will provide you with a suggested route to follow which will ensure that that your company is well on the way to becoming AARTO complaint. As the leaders in the field, SASM consultants will be able to quickly determine what AARTO challenges you personally will face, as well as the risks posed to your business. Naturally the most vital aspect of this process is to streamline the transition to AARTO compliance in order to prevent the new legislation from interrupting your efficiency in your field.

To remain competitive in your field, your business cannot afford to be caught unprepared for this alteration in our road transport legislation. Heavy fines, the suspension of driving licenses, revocation of vehicle operator cards and even imprisonment are some of the penalties waiting for both business owners and employees who do not adapt. For those companies that adapt too slowly the penalty will mean a huge loss of business revenue, as they scramble to comply in the face of fines and internal disruption.

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A SASM consultant will ensure the seamless transition of your company by using the six steps of integration as a measuring tool.

Phase 1 – Upskill company leadership on AARTO and its effects on the company and its employees.

Phase 2 – AARTO Training of all company employees and their affiliates (drivers, staff, suppliers and contractors).

Phase 3 – Creating AARTO awareness within your company environment.

Phase 4 – Implementation/amendment of policies and procedures in your environment.

Phase 5 – Upskill staff on managing AARTO fines according to specific AARTO standards.

Phase 6 – Driving change – Auditing your company, suppliers and contractors.

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SASM is all about delivering successful results which are achieved through calculated methods of training and learning. Education is the key to success, so make sure your staff are educated through SASM.

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