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Know About AARTO

Considering the ramifications of the impending new traffic legislation, many companies have seen the value in acquiring the expertise of an AARTO guest speaker. SASM’S CEO, Doug Warren, has been in high demand as a guest speaker to company functions on AARTO and other issues for some time.

Therefore, we have agreed to avail Doug‘s time to companies in need of a third party authority on a vast number of topics.

Functions include (but are not limited to):

  • Year-End Functions
  • Safety Forums
  • Transport Forums
  • Safety Days
  • Driver Safety Days
  • Driver Workshops
  • Safety Workshops
  • AARTO Days

As a health and safety guest speaker, Doug Warren has been instrumental in ensuring the protection of not only the workers, but also the companies which employ them. South Africa has rapidly changing and often complex labour and safety regulations which have caused issues for uninformed corporations in the past and will certainly continue to do so unless full understanding is reached.

As a traffic safety guest speaker, Doug is certainly one of the foremost authorities as the CEO of SASM itself, a company renowned for its AARTO training expertise in South Africa. Under the new AARTO legislation, repeated violations of often misunderstood traffic laws can lead to the loss of a driver’s license, causing the employer a great deal of inconvenience as well. To make matters worse, under the new legislation, company owners and directors may now be held accountable for the actions of their mobile staff.

This can lead to large fines or even prosecution in extreme but conceivable cases. Often enough, training which takes place in only the form of documentation is time consuming and difficult to comprehend – which is why an AARTO guest speaker at your event can make all the difference.

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