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As you may be aware, all companies in South Africa have been tasked by government to ensure that ALL employees are fully aware of the risks involved in completing their daily work tasks (Duty to Inform — OHS Act).

SASM specialises in changing employee behaviour when dealing with and managing health and safety risks in the workplace. We are leaders in customised, high-quality health and safety products.

SASM Has Identified That The Biggest Causes Of Accidents In The Workplace Include

  • Little or no knowledge of the risks pertaining to employee’s work duties
  • Lack of follow-up training once initial training has been done
  • Little or no employee knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) and other related acts
  • Lack of clear communication between employees and superiors
  • Time-constraints when managing employee awareness on subjects relating to their well-being when completing company duties
  • Lack of awareness and preparation when dealing with serious and imminent danger
  • Serious lack of understanding and retaining information regarding safety in the workplace

SASM Has Developed A Vast Array Of Health And Safety Products To Suit Every Company’s Needs

Our products are succinct, colourful and easily understood. Our methods in the development of health and safety products are unique and based on maximum retention of knowledge in the shortest possible time. Our information is easily understood by all who come into contact with it.

Benefits of using SASM’s Health and Safety Material:  

  • SASM health and safety products do away with boring, monotonous health and safety material
  • Our toolbox talks create an open platform for effective communication between employees and their supervisors
  • Our health and safety Posters include all vital information; we have done away with “fillers”
  • All products are customised with your company logo- this ensures that all contractors and suppliers know that your company is serious about health and safety and would do well to also comply
  • The customisation of products also proves beneficial to the company branding as customers will appreciate your strong stand on risks and health issues
  • To remain competitive in your field, your business cannot afford to be caught unprepared for risks and accidents in the workplace
  • All our products contain complete and up-to-date information, ensuring that your employees are fully aware and prepared for all probabilities in their work environment
  • With more than 30 years’ practical and theoretical experience in the field, you are ensured of receiving well researched, realistic, quality products that will make a huge difference in the way your business is carried out
  • SASM has an in-depth knowledge of the principles of the OHS act and this is carried into the development and production of all our health and safety products
  • As all development work is done in-house, SASM can develop specific products suited to your needs and according to your requirements

We at SASM can assist you with the above.

Health And Safety Professionals

SASM is all about delivering successful results which are achieved through calculated methods of training and learning. Education is the key to success, so make sure your staff are educated through SASM.

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