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We can assist by designing a workable and implementable plan that will prepare your company for the onslaught of Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO). Learn the ins and outs of traffic regulations and discover how to pay traffic fines on time in order to save money and reduce stress levels.

Being adequately prepared ensures that your licence, operations card or professional driving permit remains safely in your hands and in the hands of your employees. Once you begin to rack up the demerit points, your licence can be suspended for months, even years! Your period of disqualification varies greatly, depending on points accumulated. The official statement states that the period of disqualification equals in months to the total number of points surpassed, and then further multiplied by a factor of three. If you have been disqualified from driving, then you will have to hand in your driving licence without delay – it can be handed into your local authority.

You may also not reapply for any other form of driving licence, driving permit or operating card during the period of disqualification. If you continue to operate a vehicle while your period of disqualification is still active, then you are guilty under the eyes of the law and are, in fact, committing a criminal offence every time you are behind the wheel. This liable offence will get you or your employees convicted for a period of time that will not exceed a period of one year. This conviction could result in either a fine, and/or imprisonment.

Once the period of disqualification has lapsed, the offending party may be able to apply for their driving licence in accordance with the regulatory road traffic institutions. Cancellation of your driving license is a harsher affair, you can be arrested and will have to take the brutal driving tests once again – So remain prepared and stick to your transport training in order to retain your driving licence. Contact us for more information relating to paying traffic fines, correct traffic regulations and much more.

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